An investment in business signage is a crucial step forward in personal branding and marketing for any enterprise. However, it can be a make-or-break opportunity for a new business to announce the company's presence in a community and establish expectations before customers or clients ever walk through the front door. This makes picking the right type of sign and all related decisions extremely important, from colors to placement to legalities.  

Review logistics

The first thing to consider when shopping for a business sign is constraints. By properly establishing the parameters a sign must exist within, the selection field narrows, and it becomes easier to zero in on what works for the business. Logistics can include dealing with the planning and zoning commission in a local municipality to review sign requirements and any limitations on size, sign placement, color, or illumination; reviewing any limiting language in a lease agreement for the business location and receiving any necessary approvals from local boards. 

Consider existing design choices

There are a wide range of business signs on the market. Monument signs mounted on pedestals are a statement piece for prestige businesses and institutions while blade signs mounted on the side of a large building lend an air of understated elegance. Hanging pole or post signs can be customized to fit a wide range of aesthetic needs and mounted signs on a facade can incorporate unique lighting, a wide range of colors, and customized logos to further the branding of a new business. 

When choosing a sign design, it's important to consider the weight existing design choices have in business recognition. If companies are already known for a minimalist logo or a flashy neon vibe, the signs should reflect these elements back to consumers to avoid confusion. For businesses with a newer brand identity, a sign can easily become a de facto logo, so it's important it can hold up in other usages, such as in print campaigns or social media shares.

Focus on placement

Outside of any legally mandated or prohibited placement concerns, business signage placement is crucial when customer traffic is key to success. Signs need to be mounted where they are easily visible from a distance and provide drivers with adequate time to negotiate a turn into a driveway or parking lot. Exterior or interior illumination is key for nighttime reading and business access, but care should be taken to avoid a too-bright sign that makes drivers uncomfortable due to glare. Prioritize contrast when choosing a color scheme to help letters pop and ensure all forms of exterior signage coordinate, even if there is slightly different shaping or shading due to differences in surface or size.

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