After leasing a space for your upcoming store, you may be in the throes of planning out every last detail for opening day. As part of these plans, you know that you will need some type of exterior signage that lets potential customers know your shop is there.

To give your sign a unique flair, you may have decided that you would like to hire a service to create it using a custom design. Before you start coming up with the design, ask yourself the questions below to give yourself a starting point as to the size, colors, and materials for your new shop's exterior sign. 

1. What Other Signs Around Your Shop Will Your Sign Need to Compete With?

One question you should ask yourself has to do with scoping out the signage of your immediate competition. Take a step outside of your shop, and look both ways to see what your neighboring stores are using.

If the signs around you are fairly bland and small, you could come up with a similar design except for adding a pop of color to make your logo and store name stand out. However, if everyone around you is using large, flashy signs, you will need to have the same type of design or risk being left unnoticed. 

2. What Types of Weather Conditions Will the Sign Be Subjected to in Your Store's Area?

Another thing you should consider before designing a custom sign for your store is the weather in the area. Will the exterior sign be subjected to harsh weather conditions?

If you are in a location that receives a lot of rain, snow, and/or ice, your sign will need to be made from a durable material, such as vinyl. However, if the weather is mostly sunny, you could look into options such as a rustic wood or classic wrought iron material for the sign.

Along with taking a look at the competition and the weather conditions the sign will be subjected to, you will also need to review any building codes and signage regulations within your business's area to ensure that your sign meets the legal requirements. Once you have the basics down, you can start to delve into the creative side of the sign's design. For help with any part of the design process as well as to discuss available options, contact a custom commercial signs shop in your area to speak with a representative.