Whether your school has a PTA, PTO, or another type of parent-teacher group, it is equally the most revered and the most hated organization in an elementary school. While everyone appreciates all the hard work that members put in when they pull off a big event like a school carnival, no one wants to be tapped to volunteer. Believe it or not, something as simple as countertop easel sign holders can help combat this dynamic.

Proper credit

Many school-wide events are wrongly assumed to be put on by the school's administrators and staff when, in fact, they are PTA-sponsored events. No one attending, however, knows the truth unless there are signs clearly stating who the event sponsors are. A simple 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with the details printed in an easy-to-read font and displayed in a countertop easel sign holder can solve this problem. 

Information and instructions

Elementary school events are often set up with multiple tables, or stations that involve completing a quick craft or activity before moving on to the next table. Being able to display the instructions for each activity in a plastic sign holder allows it to be viewed by multiple people at once. This is especially helpful when the event is short on volunteers because families can simply read the instructions and proceed with the activity or craft on their own.


The PTA often gets a bad rap. Whether other parents assume that the PTA is a clique of mean moms or that they must volunteer for every single event without a break, the perception is not reality. In fact, many PTAs have an image issue. Using easels at every single event to promote the PTA helps everyone realize how many events the PTA runs each year and how much hard work is involved. 

Future sign ups

When your parent-teacher group is continually short-handed, asking for volunteers to sign up for events can be exhausting. Utilizing a countertop plastic easel can streamline the process. The easel can hold a note requesting volunteers and a clipboard, strategically located below the easel, can include a sign-up sheet. Even if you only get one or two volunteers, it is more than you had originally. 

Thank yous

Parent-teacher groups could not function without the hard work of volunteers and donations from parents and community members. Be sure to have a sign holder at every single event thanking everyone for their dedication, hard work, and donations. 

Changing the dynamic with the use of countertop easel plastic sign holders is easy. Using sign holders for thank yous, sign-ups, instructions, and branding can go a long way in changing the image of the PTA in your school.