Many different indoor signs are used in retail stores, office buildings, and public buildings. Getting the right signs for your building often means working with a sign shop to print the signs for you and, in some cases, install them in the building when they are complete. 

Wall-Mounted Signs

Some of the most common indoor signs used in buildings are wall-mounted signs made from acrylic or metal. The face of the sign is often screen printed, and the sign shop can make the signs with custom messages on them to fit your needs. 

Indoor signs for things like restrooms or stairwells are available already made and ready to mount, but you may want to have the sign shop make customer versions of the stock signs so that all of the signs in your building match. The theme, colors, or style of each of the signs can be kept consistent throughout the entire building and can add some aesthetics to go with the sign's function. 

Mounting systems can be mechanical, with bolts or screws being the most commonly used, or adhesive used to set signs in place that will not need changing in the future. The surface you are mounting the signs on can affect the way you mount them as well. A sign attached to glass would need adhesive to hold it since putting screws into the glass is not practical in most situations. 

Hanging Signs

Many times large hanging signs are used to direct people to areas of the building or to attract attention and advertise inside the store. The indoor signs can be lightweight plastic or cardboard material that the indoor sign printing service has made for you. 

In some situations, hanging a sign overhead improves the sign's visibility, and hanging it permanently on cables allows it to stay in place, while also allowing some movement with air currents inside the building. 

Durability Of Signs

When you are looking at options for your indoor signs, ask the sign shop how they are made and what the life expectancy is. A screen-printed sign will last for many years, and because they are inside, they are not affected by the elements. 

The screen printing process uses high-quality paints, and the surface of the sign is prepped so the paint adheres well. Optional paint colors are often available to customize your indoor signs and make them stand out. 

If you require indoor signs for your building, check with your local sigh shop to see what options you have, and they can help you select the best signs for your situation.