Your fleet vehicles' windows are free territory to add promotional information and free advertising for your business or new products. Taking advantage of this is an excellent way to drive some additional customers to your business without paying for anything other than the window graphics.

Choosing Window Graphics

When you start looking at options for your vehicles' window graphics, you will need to talk to the graphics company about what you want on the graphics and discuss the cars they will be on. Because the windows may not all be the same size, you may need more than one graphic created for your fleet. 

A van may have a lot of space on the side windows, but if you also have small cars that belong to the company, squeezing the same graphic onto the smaller windows may not work. If this is the case, creating separate window graphics for the vehicles might be the best way to get the information on both vehicle types without one looking crowded or stretched. 

Material Choice

When working with a company to create window graphics for your vehicles, it is essential to discuss the material options you can use. Some graphics are made from vinyl that is a cling material and is held in place by static, while others are perforated vinyl that sticks onto the glass. 

The perforated material is often heavier-duty, and the window graphics printed on it can be more detailed. The vinyl's perforations allow the occupant inside the car to see out through the graphics, but the image on the outside can be very detailed. 

The perforations are visible if you are close to the car, but standing on the sidewalk as the car goes by, viewers will only see the ad, and it should be very easy to read.

Installing Vinyl Graphics

Using heavy vinyl window graphics means the panels will last longer, but they also need to be installed correctly, or they will wrinkle and bubble on the glass. Taking the vehicle to a window graphic installer or having them come to your business and install the graphics is the best way to ensure the graphics look good and last a long time. 

If you have a large number of fleet vehicles that you are putting window graphics on, you may need to do a few a day for a few days to get them all done. Talk to the installer to schedule the installation and to see where they want to do the work on your vehicles.