Yard party card signs have been the life of no contact birthday celebrations. They're also behind a new wave of community spirit that's catching on. You can now drive by and honk when an old schoolmate celebrates his 50th birthday or one of your son's childhood soccer teammates celebrates college graduation.

Big celebratory signs on lawns are providing new ways to reach out and touch friends, neighbors, and passers-by.

College Plans 

One of the proudest moments of any family's life is when a child gets accepted to their first-choice college. College acceptances are still arriving in mailboxes. Late acceptances are especially exciting. A yard card sign will allow your community to share in your joy.

Welcome Home 

As most community members make a healthy recovery from the coronavirus, some much-loved members are still recovering. The news of late has been full of stories of sudden recoveries after months of hospitalization. Your community would be delighted and appreciative to see a joyous Welcome Home! sign on your lawn. 

Or give a big, bold home welcoming to children who have been away for school, trips, or work.


Simply to say, Hello. We miss and are thinking about you! Many seniors and those at high risk are still in partial confinement. Only recently have families been allowed to visit senior living facilities. Why not give a friendly honk the next time you drive by to say hello and share your warm spirits and thoughtfulness.

Thank You!

During confinement, many people in the community reached out to thank those who worked overtime to provide essential services. They included caregivers, pharmacy, and supermarket workers. Showing your appreciation should be an everyday event. Is there someone in your community you've always wanted to acknowledge for their contribution?

Changing Homes

Are you moving, or just moved in? Let your neighbors know. Say a warm thank you and good-bye to old neighbors. Or say hello and introduce yourself to new ones. 

Random Cards of Kindness  

Yard card signs are a way to share acts of kindness. For example, they can up be used to promote community safety. All too often when crimes occur in neighborhoods, residents complain of having never been informed of a spike in crimes. Yard card signs are a helpful way of advising your community of a rise in crime rates and reminding them of safety measures. Community members will become more vigilant watching out for their own property, as well as the property and safety of neighbors. 

Yard party card signs for rent are a cost-effective and easy way to share your life events with your neighbors and community.