Coming up with new signage is one of the most important parts of launching a business or embarking on a rebranding project. If you operate a music lessons school and find yourself in either of these situations, it's important to put careful thought into the sign that you'll display outside of your location. While details such as the name of your music school and the appropriate contact information will be important, you want to ensure that your sign catches people's eyes. One of the best ways to do so is with one or more high-impact images. Consider the following images, and then speak to a local sign printing company to turn your ideas into a sign that you can proudly display on your building.

Young Musicians

While some of your students may be adults, it's likely that the majority of people who take lessons at your music school are youths. As such, it makes sense to include an image of some young musicians on your sign. One option is to use an image of some of your students — with their parents' permission, of course — from a recent recital. It's also appropriate to find a suitable stock image that you can use on your sign. There are many online stock image databases that can provide you with plenty of options.

Cartoon Instruments

Another idea that will make the sign outside of your music school eye catching is to have one or more cartoon instruments featured on the sign. Think about the types of instruments that your students learn. For example, the majority of your students may learn the piano, the guitar, and the drums. Working with your custom sign company to have a few of these images stylishly positioned around the sign can quickly make the types of lessons that you offer evident to people.

Musical Notes

One of the simplest images that you can include on your music school sign is a series of musical notes. Although simple, this image has a high impact because people who see it immediately know that your business has something to do with music. There are many different ways that your sign company can get creative when it comes to including musical notes on your signs. For example, you might opt for a sign that is shaped like a music staff and has notes faded in the background with your wording in a bold font over them.