If you work as a residential property manager at a new building, one of your tasks will be to order custom signs for the lobby of your building. Look for a local company that can handle this request, and then begin to think about the various types of signs that will be useful in this space. In a residential building's lobby, you want signage that informs your residents and guests alike. It's ideal if these signs have common themes — for example, using the same color scheme and fonts will give the signs a professional appearance. Here are some signs that you'll want to get made for your lobby.

Contact The Property Manager

It's important for residents of the building and the property manager to have open lines of communication, so one sign to get made is a sign that provides your contact information. The essential details to include on this sign are your name, phone number, and email address, but there are other things to think about. For example, you might want to include text that encourages residents to call the proper authorities instead of you if they're facing an emergency situation. You might also provide a message about how promptly you return emails and phone calls, such as within 24 hours.

Building Navigation

A residential building's lobby should also have one or more signs dedicated to helping people navigate the area. For example, if there are residential units on the ground floor of the building, a sign that points visitors in the right direction is important. This sign could read "Units 100-115" and a left-pointing arrow, and "Units 116-130" and a right-pointing arrow. You'll also want a sign that directs people toward the common areas on the ground floor, including the mail room, the laundry room, the athletic center, and any other relevant spaces.

Community Events

While you'll likely want to mount the above signs to the walls of your building's lobby, you might wish to consider other types of non-permanent signs. Folding A-frame signs can be valuable to display for certain applications, as can foam board signs positioned on easel-style stands. For example, if you have a monthly barbecue during the summer, you can provide this information on the sign and have it on display for a couple of weeks prior to the event. After the event, you can store the sign until you're ready to use it again.

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