If you run a business then you are going to want to make sure your customers who are handicapped or that just have a bit more of a difficult time getting around know about the ways that you can cater to their needs. ADA signs are a great way to point them to the areas they will be able to use that will be easier or accessible to them. Here are some of the different types of signs that you can have displayed around your business that can be of assistance to your customers. 

Parking spots

You are going to want to make sure you put ADA signs up to make the handicapped spots easier for people to see when they are driving through your parking lot. It can be hard for someone to find the handicapped spots sometimes when the only sign that points them in the right direction is the painting that is on the ground. Also, making it as clear as possible that the spots are handicapped can prevent people who aren't handicapped from accidentally parking in those spots and taking them from the people who really need to use them. You want to keep in mind that if you don't have signs up in the handicapped parking spaces, you will be violating the law which states the signs must be clearly posted. 


When you have public bathrooms in your place of business, you are also required to have one that is handicapped accessible and it also needs to have an ADA sign. Plus, you want to make sure that those who need to use the handicapped stalls are going to know right away which one they will be able to use. The handicapped stall will be important for them to spot because it lets them know right away that their wheelchair will fit and that it has bars they can use in order to steady themselves while they are using the bathroom. 


If you have a handicapped ramp because there are stairs or a curb that leads into your place of business, then you also need to make sure you have a sign posted to let your customers who need to use the ramp know where it is. Keep in mind that this is also going to be something that is appreciated by any of your other customers who may not be handicapped, but who would still have an easier time accessing your business if they can go up the ramp instead of climbing stairs.

For more information on how signs can help your business, contact a local expert.