Many businesses use vinyl banners in a number of ways, but if you work for your city government and one of your jobs involves overseeing the look of your community, vinyl banners can be an ally. One option to consider is to produce a series of banners that you can hang in strategic areas around the community to add visual appeal and, provided that you choose the right content for the banners, boost community pride. Find a local sign company that can produce banners for you with these designs.

Historical Information

One good design idea for producing vinyl banners to hang around your city is to have several banners that provide historical information about the area. Think of a number of key points about the history of your community and have your sign company design banners that display this information. For example, one banner might reveal when the city was incorporated, while another might talk about the early industries that helped to turn the area into what it is today. Images, dates, and text that is easy to read from a distance can all help to make this information stand out.

Famous Residents

If you can put together a list of several famous residents from your area, this can be another good theme for the vinyl banners that you'll hang from light poles in your city. This design should include the name of each person, his or her date of birth (and date of death, in many cases), a brief description of why the person is notable, and a photo. This list could include business leaders, politicians, educators, professional athletes, entertainers, and more. Local residents may be unaware of some of these individuals, and will enjoy looking at the banners as they walk around the area.

Local Attractions

You may also want to put together a list of local attractions that you can turn into vinyl banners with the help of your custom sign company. Seeing these banners can help your local residents to understand and appreciate just how many attractions are available to them. This list could include your area's parks, nature trails, beaches, and more. While you might produce these banners to boost community pride, don't overlook their value in helping visitors to understand more about your city. As people visit your area, many of them will undoubtedly take in the content of the banners and learn about your community.