Few things can instantly bring as much attention to a location as illuminated signs. There's a lot more to creating a great sign, though, than throwing your logo up in lights. Here are 5 options buyers should consider when they're looking into illuminated signs.

Energy Efficiency

Modern signs are capable of being lit with a variety of energy-efficient systems, include LED and LCD lights. These configurations are very low-power, and they make great choices for outdoor locations that need to have illuminated signs running for long periods during dark hours.

Backlighting Against Unlit Text

This is an ultramodern look that strives to stand out by not following the crowd. While there's nothing wrong with installing the lighting inside your letters or a logo, using a backlight on solid, dark text is distinct. You can integrate your company colors in the backlights to add an extra level of interest.

Channel Lettering

If you've ever seen signs that pop out in 3-D from storefronts, that style is called channel lettering. One of the virtues of this approach, when used with illuminated signs, is that the letters look great in the daytime, too. If you have a dark brick front, for example, white letters will be very readable under both light and dark conditions.

Lighting Effects

A sense of motion can allow a sign to grab a viewer's attention. Different effects can be programmed into signs, such as blinking the sign off completely and then illuminating the letters one by one. The backlight can also be cycled through several colors in a few seconds and then locked for a minute, slowly changing the target color over time. Lighting effects can even be reconfigured for special occasions, such as going with red, white, and blue around the Fourth of July.

Interior Signage

Illuminated signs can give a real pick-me-up to any space, and they don't have to be limited to the outdoors. Many corporations are now using classy styles like the previously mentioned unlit text with backlighting to add visual appeal and branding to their lobbies.

Monument-Style Signs

A sign doesn't have to be secured to a structure, either. Monument signs are ones that are set up on brick, metal, or concrete bases. Oftentimes, they're accompanied by minor landscaping features, such as flowers. They're frequently placed alongside roads, especially at the spots where people turn into business locations and parking lots. By using illuminated signs with these monument-style setups, you can deploy your branding closer to where the audience is.

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